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The 2015 Vacant Lands profile presents an overview on the location, size and type of vacant land sites in the City of Mississauga.

The 2015 Vacant Lands is comprised of four open data components:

1. 2015 Vacant Lands – Profile includes an overview and map of the vacant land sites in the City of Mississauga,
available in PDF format.

2. 2015 Vacant Lands – Summary Statistics and Attributes (XLS) includes a list of all vacant land sites, vacant lands
by geographic area, and vacant land site attributes, available in XLS and CSV format.

3. 2015 Vacant Lands – KMZ Mapping displays each vacant land site, and associated attributes.  The KMZ file can
be loaded into various Mapping/GIS packages (such as Google Earth, ESRI ArcExplorer, etc) for viewing,
printing or analysis.

4. 2015 Vacant Lands – Site Maps (525 large size .PDF files) provide information for each vacant land site in the
City of Mississauga including:

  •  Site Area
  •   Location
  •  Zoning
  •  Official Plan Land Use Designation
  •  Natural Areas Survey (NAS)
  •  Nearest Highway Interchange
  •  Nearest Bus Stop
  •  Nearest Fire Station
  •  And a link to the Full Report, KMZ mapping, and the Economic Development Office.

For more information  on the City’s data products please visit


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