If business is a human race, this is where you win it.


It's inevitable. Every idea, every activity, almost everything we do on this planet is either started by or ends up being about people. As business leaders in a shrinking world, that means you now find yourselves in a human race. Will you find the talent you need to realize your vision? Will you have barrier-free access to populations that make innovation economically viable? Will you land in a location where cultural and political stability are as certain as the sun rising?

You will if you land in Mississauga - Ontario, Canada. This is where your business wins the human race. We believe our people, their knowledge, their skills and their attitudes are this city's greatest assets. Thousands of local business leaders share our belief. Their views and ours are the basis of the content in this website. We hope you enjoy it and want to know much more - which you'll find by contacting us or visiting Mississauga's full Economic Development site.

Mississauga Vital Signs & Specifications